Our goals

The main goal of FIERBA is:
To make contacts of breeders throughout Europe better. We hope to offer the breeders of the Blonde d’Aquitaine breed a possibility to easier make contacts with reeders of other countries in Europe. Therefore we are trying to unify the system of pointing of the animals. As base we take the French system, because France is the country of origin of the Blonde d’Aquitaine breed.

We also try to exchange judges for judging shows in our member countries. Therefore we train judges from our member countries, to get the knowledge of animal judging and to follow the rules of behaviour for judges.
Every two years we organise a seminar during which our judges and a few candidate-judges are schooled in judging. These seminars are always under the controlling eye of a French technician and an agreed French judge.

We try to inform our members with the latest news on: animal diseases, export rules and every other subject that will be of any interest to our fellow breeders.
We try support countries that are willing to organise events, founding herd books and so on.